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Worthy - Box + CD + floppy

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Ett nytt Amiga-spel år 2018! Detta är den kompletta versionen i box med både CD (bootbar på CD32) och floppy-disk. Kräver 1 MB minne.

Boxed version of 'Worthy', a brand new OCS game from Pixelglass! Assume the role of a fearless boy and collect the required number of diamonds in each stage in order to win the girl's heart! Travel from maze to maze, kill the baddies, avoid the traps, collect beers (your necessary "fuel" to keep you going), find the diamonds, prove to her you're WORTHY!

50hz, Amiga 500 optimised!
40 action packed levels!
Mind bending puzzles!
Superb 32 color pixel art!
Catchy tunes, lovely music!
Punchy, vibrant SFX!
Arcade style and presentation!
Multiple endings!

Boxed version contents::
Big, full color box
Full color manual
DVD case
CD with the game (bootable with CD32)
poster in A3 format
Floppy disk with the game
The game in digital, downloadable form (LHA, ISO, ADF & extras)

Worthy trailer:

For more info on Worthy and other Pixelglass games:

Storage: 1 CD + 1 floppy disk
Edition: Boxed
Requirements: OCS, PAL, 68000, 512 KB Chip & 512 KB Other


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